Hello there, my name is Justin M. King.
I’m a marketer based in Vancouver.

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“If you strip out all the fluff, could you still build a connection?”

For the last few years I’ve spent an outrageous amount of time building brands and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that pretty graphics and campaigns that convert will only get you so far.

What’s underneath is everything. Distilled down to the core every campaign should tell your organization’s story while delivering an ideal experience for each person that comes into contact with your brand.

I would be thrilled to help your company manage and execute upon its marketing campaigns, but along the way I want to build lasting connections. After all, when a prospect or customer thinks you understand them, you’re the obvious choice.

Me At Work

Professionally I fit in well with Vancouver tech and other companies with relaxed corporate cultures that value output over bureaucracy. I work hard and focus on results and efficiency of spend. The bigger and more intimidating a project, the more I tend to enjoy it.

As far as passion is concerned, I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than marketing. In university a friend told me to take a marketing class because I “was born to do it.” That class led to a master’s degree in the subject and then rising up through the ranks. Years have gone by and I still love this stuff.

Bottom line, I’m engaged in my craft and actively improving my skillset on a daily basis.

What People Say About Working With Me

“Justin possesses an upbeat personality and engaging personal style…I am very grateful for his contributions to our office and very confident that he has the intelligence, work ethic, and communications skills to add value wherever he works.”
– Founder, ThinkSEO

“You’re the first millennial I’m not related to to make it onto my phone. You must be doing something right.”
– President, M.S.

“Justin took his time and carefully evaluated the issues we were having and provided useful insight…I highly, highly recommend him.”
– Elite Moving Labor (former client – consulting, digital optimization)

“Great service, patience and thinking along with the project as it evolved.”
– Conceptable (former client – consulting, digital experience)

“I’m a satisfied customer. Communication A+++. Would do business again.”
– SurtraQ (former client – consulting, marketing collateral)

What’s Next

If you think I’d make a great fit at your company, why not bring me in for an interview?

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